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There are various ways on how to achieve SSL certificates for Kubernetes ingresses. One of them is using together with Let’s Encrypt. This was my choice moving forward as automation is my prime goal when it comes to Kubernetes and its services.

Kubernetes is all about automation, so let’s apply it for expiring SSL certificates too, and no more need for manually renewing them. Let’s Encrypt certificates are valid for only 3 months.

This is not something that we would like to repeat every 3 months. and uploading a manually purchased SSL certificate is not satisfactory since it requires…

Here is a fact. If you install 10 different web analytics on your website, you are going to get reports with 10 different numbers!

It is a common question for those who discover the world of analytics and go beyond using Google Analytics as the only option. We at Hitsteps Analytics receive this question way often, so we have decided to describe it on our blog and here so that we can reference our customers to this article. Your question is usually “Shouldn’t they report the same number of visitors?”

In theory, yes, they should! but there are many facts…

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There are various ways to block public access to SSH. The most common method is to hide them behind VPNs, followed by changing default SSH port and then using fail2ban or CSF to block IP addresses who are doing a port.

Of course, If you have a static IP address, you can whitelist your IP address to access SSH port. But that does not work if your IP address constantly changes or if you connect from a different location each time. 🧐

An interesting concept that I’ve come across is port knocking. Note that this is just an additional layer…

Armin Nikdel

Coders changed the world. To be continued…

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